Saturday, September 24, 2011


Though there is a shortage of pumpkins in New York State due to the flooding related to Hurricane Irene In early September this year, there is no shortage of pumpkins as subjects of my photos.  Nothing is a more visible sign of Fall in the Northeast than bright orange pumpkins.  Here are some of my favorite sights of the season!

This is a clever way to decorate a door, found in Center City Philly.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

All good things must come to an end

Each year on Canandaigua Lake, in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York, the end of the summer is celebrated on Labor Day weekend. The lake residents have huge gatherings for a day full of water skiing, sailing, jet skiing, swimming, boating  and old fashioned fun, culminating at 9PM with the Ring of Fire. At the signal, residents light road flares all along their beaches around the 27 mile-long lake.  This gives an eerie red glow to everything up close on the shore line, but also makes the 1.5-3 mile wide lake look like a red ring, at least for the 30 minutes the flares are lit.

So here's my tribute to the end of summer!

Skipping stones at sunset!

About an hour later, the bonfire is lit in anticipation of the 9 o'clock signal.  This summer,
it was hot and humid, so no one crowded around the bonfire.  In fact, there were many people
still swimming beneath the cloudless sky, fireworks and the Big Dipper.

  There is no municipal fireworks show, but you can see displays all around the lake.
The bursts are visible from across the lake long before you can hear the booms.   Those up close are a little hard to photograph as you can see.  You never know where they will be aimed
so it's hard to have the camera in the right place!
It's anticlimactic that the fireworks end and the flares burn out,
but the glow is a fine memory to get us through the winter till next summer,
when the lake comes alive again!
Good-bye summer at Canandaigua Lake!