Sunday, April 17, 2011

Right under my nose!

Sometimes I think I need to travel to a far away place to find something to photograph.  But when I can't fly away to an exotic location and my creative juices are flowing, just walking around my yard can yield  wonderful textures, beautiful colors, and serendipitous moments.   Here are some memorable moments that happened right in my yard.

A milk weed pod about to burst forth.  The textures within this one place amaze me.  There are the soft, almost metallic strands on the seeds themselves, the prickly pod itself, and the deep colored seed so orderly and tightly packed inside the pod.  Mother Nature at her finest.

A purple balloon flower with a backdrop of green.  My granddaughter asked me to take this picture.  I love the dark green background which makes the purple just pop! I also love the deep purple veining throughout the petals on this flower.

A dramatic and vivid rainbow appeared across the field from my front yard.  This was a double rainbow for a while, and lasted for nearly 1/2 hour.  I was able to take a series of photos, one of which had deer grazing in the golden wheat near the red barn. It almost looked like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Digital darkroom or not?

Every now and then there is a photo taken so often that even though it's a nice photo of a beautiful location, it's too cliche.  I haven't been to this site when the stars aligned for the perfect shot or the sky was doing something magical, even though I've photographed this local landmark many, many times.  So I thought I would take the image into the digital darkroom and play with it a little.  I tried a few different manipulations, but I'm still wondering which one is the most appealing to the crowd out there.

 So please take a look, and help me by voting on which image you prefer.

                         This image of Honeoye Creek at Honeoye Falls has not been altered.

                                                          I had a little fun with this image.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A gallery of doors

My wall gallery of doors wasn't an overnight project.  In fact, I think it took several years to get to the current design.  I had been collecting pictures of doors for several decades.  My first group was the doors from my childhood neighborhood. I knew each house and knew who lived there when I was a kid.    I decided I wanted to hang them on my wall in a group.  However, the cost of having them professionally matted and framed seemed a little out of my budget, especially since I was originally looking for individual frames.  While at Michael's I found some existing artwork in a cellophane wrapped 3-opening double mat for $12.  I knew I could put my 5x7 photos on top of the existing art and the matting would be perfect!  I bought a sectional black metal frame 10" x 20" that fit the multi-opening mat.  For under $30 I had my first group of doors! A few years later I grouped my favorite doors from our small upstate New York town.  And after a whirlwind trip to Italy, three Roman arched doors were the last piece of wall to be filled. Luckily I could find the same mats and frames at Michaels.  I get so many compliments on my wall of doors! You could do this with any grouping of photos for less than you think!